A wet and wild December evening didn’t dampen the spirits of guests celebrating the launch of Around the world in 80 plays and Bert Jansch’s 75th birthday.


The event hosted at Yamaha’s flagship store in Wardour Street, London, and the culmination of 18 months of work for Igloo Creative, the Bert Jansch Foundation and Yamaha.

From idea to fully fledged brand

In May 2018 Igloo were briefed on the project idea; to send a TransAcoustic guitar around the world, from one musician to another, recording a track inspired by Bert Jansch at each stop. The idea was in the earliest stages, and one we could apply our expertise to, and create a name, brand and website. 80 plays around the world was born.

Over time the project went from one Yamaha TransAcoustic (Bert’s preferred choice) guitar to four with each musician choosing the next artist to take on the challenge. With high profile musicians leading the project, other talented musicians can be nominated or nominate themselves to take part.

Who is involved so far?

Long-standing friends of Bert, lending their support include Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler, Graham Coxon and Beth Orton. Talented musicians contributions also include Gabriel Kazz and Ben Walker.

A project launch to remember

The event was full of people passionate about Bert and keen to know about the project. Ralph McTell, Bernard Butler and Jacqui McShee readily shared stories of Bert’s music and singer-songwriter himself. The evening showed how important the project is and its journey to remember Bert and inspire future musicians. Some of those already nominated as a ‘wildcards’ talked about Bert’s influence and their excitement about the project. Whilst I had the opportunity to talk about the brand and website. The evening was also a chance to explain the importance social media will play in promoting the project.

Our final thoughts

‘It has been a fascinating project to be part of. As a musician myself, to combine two of your passions – music and design is a treat. To be part of a project that celebrates the life and music of one of our most important folk singer-songwriters is a privilege. The project is already capturing the imagination and interest of musicians. With a project like this you never know where in the world it might go. We will continue to support the project and ensure it gets maximum exposure and makes the biggest impact possible.’

Around the world in 80 plays brand and website launch
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