Igloo is officially ten years old. When I reflect on it, I realise how much change has occurred in the creative design industry during that time. From social media channels popularity rising and falling, the arrival of mobile optimised sites, a decrease in print. Regardless of the channel, the idea of getting the right message, to the right people at the right time using good concepts and well executed design remains. However you get it to the people and however the channels you choose may change, the purpose of it shouldn’t.

I love the job I do. My skills and expertise continues to adapt to meet client and marketing needs. The late nights doing my CIM Diploma remind me of this. The pre-defined roles of sales, marketing and design of ten years ago are highly integrated now. Understanding the commercial pressures on a client and being able to deliver results based on a strategy are key. The thing I love most, is that you never stop learning – the job or ‘well I didn’t know that’ facts from clients. Here are my top facts to ponder, that I’ve learnt from our clients in the last couple of months. Beware, they are pretty random.

‘Well I didn’t know that’ facts


  • You should run your taps on very hot for two minutes when you get back from holiday, to minimise the risk of Legionaries Disease
  • Never screw the cap back on your wine bottle, it makes it hard to recycle if you do, because they are made from different materials
  • Sustainable building is great, but bonding multiple surfaces together will potentially lessen our ability to recycle it in the future
  • 1 in 4 struggle with mental health issues. If your feeling a little stressed but love the autumn then listen to Bert Jansch. It is very peaceful. I’m glad to be immersed in the music courtesy of The Bert Jansch Foundation.

The one thing I hope will change in creative design industry, is how we bring aspiring talent through, who may not be in a position to go to University but have creativity in bucketloads. D&D is starting to shift this its New Blood initiative. It will be great to see it evolve on a larger scale.

Igloo Creative: Ten Years on and Still Learning
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