Director Louise is celebrating completing her Diploma in Professional Marketing. The CIM degree level qualification specialising in marketing strategy, metrics and digital marketing is Igloo’s latest commitment to advancing their skillset. ‘We have always taken a strategic approach to our creative work. It is very easy to make something pretty, but making it look great and drive results is critical’ comments Louise.

‘Undertaking the Diploma was a huge commitment but well worth it. It’s great to take time out and test best practice and learning the latest methods. It’s also reassuring for clients to know we understand the impact and relationship between sales, marketing and design’.

Louise undertook her Diploma at University of Hertfordshire and was fortunate to be taught by some experienced and excellent tutors. ‘It was all incredibly useful, but the final module focusing on Content Strategy was particularly interesting’.

My Top Content Strategy Takeaways

  • Define your objectives. Write them down and regularly review them.
  • Content creation isn’t simply writing ‘stuff’,  it should be objective led, supported by other marketing activity
  • Get to know your audience. Understand how and where they look for content and what they want to know.
  • Understand the power of repurposing content. We often think we need to create content from scratch for it to be relevant and interesting. Most businesses have previously written about a particular subject matter many times, which can be reused and repurposed
  • Measurement tools are necessary, but there are thousands to choose from. What do you want to know or understand more? Choose the tool that will do that for you, not what’s on trend
  • Content strategy and social media strategies are different.

There are some brilliant examples of how content strategy is effectively winning new clients and changing perceptions for brands. Perhaps I will save that blog for another day!

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