When it comes to looking at design agency credentials and client rosters, big client names can be a big draw, particularly if you need to validate your decision to switch agency. Don’t overlook the smaller design agency in the process, small is often be mighty. Here’s what you could be missing out on.

Design Expertise
A big agency has lots of people it needs to allocate to different projects. These people will have different levels of expertise. If you have a limited budget or your project is straightforward, you’re unlikely to get the multi award-winning team or the most experienced resource in the business. It simply isn’t always commercially viable.

The decision makers in a small agency are close to the clients, with a good knowledge of their business. As trends emerge, or clients face common challenges, a small agency can evolve and quickly adapt to support and address these changes for the better.

Prospective clients often worry a small agency won’t have the capacity to cope. You may be surprised by how many projects an agency can deliver and the amount of studio hours available each week!

More creative for your money
Big agencies have bigger teams and higher overheads. The team who did the award-winning campaign for the biggest client might not work on your projects, but you’ll certainly be paying for expertise you might not benefit from or require. Smaller agencies tend to offer a smaller range of services but are highly effective at delivering them. Like-for-like you may get a better service and creative for less money.

The personal touch
Smaller agency structures tend to be flat and chances are, when you call you’ll be talking to the person working on your account. You have access to someone with the knowledge and expertise to answer a question or offer advice. When an agency knows your business, they can share trends, insights and expertise, helping you achieve more effective results from your marketing.

Before you rule out the small design agency in favour of a big one. Think about what you really want from your creative agency experience.

If we’ve convinced you that a small agency would be the perfect fit, then please contact us on 01442 531166.

Why working with a small design agency is more effective than you think
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