We like to think that we are good at what we do, but when our clients think that we are too, it makes the hard work so worthwhile.

Ask someone face to face what they think of you, and they will probably say ‘Yeahhh you’re amazing!!’, which is nice but not necessarily honest or constructive. Ask your customers to rate you totally confidentially, and you will find out what they really think.

This is the beauty (or the beast, depending on what your clients say about you!) of the Recommended Agency Register (RAR), which is the who’s who of design and marketing agencies.

Ever since Igloo was first on the register back in 2012, we have been consistently rated over 90% by our clients, with our most recent report for 2017 putting our overall rating at 93%, which we are delighted with.

And we ask ALL of our clients to rate us, not just the ones that we think will be nice to us. The reason we put ourselves out there is because we want our clients to be happy. Our mission is always excellent design that delivers results, but there is a whole lot more to what we do than design, and we need to make sure that we are getting it right.

We genuinely use the ratings report to guide and shape our business. If certain areas aren’t as strong as they should be or if a client highlights areas that they feel we should be offering, we take it on board and look to either forge the relevant partnership or bring the skill in-house. Our clients value the transparent way that we work at Igloo, and we feel that RAR is a good way of promoting this.

The RAR ratings are also used to shortlist agencies for the RAR Awards, which take place in April. We were shortlisted for three categories in 2016, so we are keeping everything crossed for this year!

And in true Oscars (which took place last weekend, in case you missed it) style, we would like to thank everyone who rated us, we wouldn’t be here without you!

The RAR ratings are in…
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