It’s been just over a year since, as a nation, we voted ‘Out’ in the big Brexit vote. Here at Igloo we can’t help but wonder what the ramifications will be for us, and the design industry as a whole, as well as for our clients, some of which have already been affected.

The Design Council’s ‘Design Economy Report’ which was published in February, and has recently been made available free of charge online, looks at the value of the design industry to the UK economy, as well as looking at the value of exports influenced by the design economy.

It makes a good point, that if British companies want to continue trading Europe-wide, then there is even more reason to make themselves look attractive, as they will be competing against the rest of the world when we are no longer in the EU.

So how much does design really have an influence on these things? Well the Design Council found in 2013 that the total value of exports where design had made a contribution was £34bn. Of that, just over £12bn is from digital design, and over £103bn is from graphic design!

That is quite a significant amount of money in any language, country or currency. This constitutes 7.3% of total UK exports that year. And globally, this ranks fifth behind Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

This makes me very proud, that the design industry is making such a significant contribution. And also it makes me feel positive that, although it will be challenging, Brexit isn’t totally doom and gloom and could bring about new opportunities for the creative industries and the businesses that they represent. Rebranding, refreshing, bold ideas, ingenious new ways of doing things. Pretty much what we already do for our clients here at Igloo.

The real value of the UK creative industry
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