With the weather being so hot hot hot, our designers have been dreaming of all things cool, cool, cool, and we decided to rank the five most innovative ways to stay cool… in our opinion.

Here they are, in reverse order…

5. In at number five we have glow in the dark ice creams. It was a few years ago now but in 2014, Food design studio Bompas & Parr created luminescent ice cream. It was developed for Cornetto, as the company wanted to have an ice cream that people could see in the dark while at the cinema. UV light was shone into the cinema, which lit up the ice cream without impairing the view of the screen. We aren’t sure if you can still get them, but they sound genius!


4. At number four we have mini USB fans that you can plug into your mobile phone. They are an actual thing. Picture this…. You’re on a crowded train, it’s 30 degrees outside, goodness knows what the temperature is inside the train, everyone is sweating….. you pull out your mini USB fan and plug it into your mobile. You’re cool as a cucumber and everyone is jealous. We are thinking of ordering one each here at Igloo.


3. Number three is something that seems a little bit like magic. It’s a towel that you wet, ‘snap’ and then put on your body and it cools you down. You can wear it round your neck, on your head, or wherever you want to feel cool. And what’s more, it’s eco friendly and chemical free. You could even use them on pets… It just seems to work with water and magic.


2. Sales of paddling pools over the last few months must have gone through the roof, but why settle for one to just stick your feet in when you can buy one that you can swim in? So number two on our list is a massive 10x10m inflatable pool. It’s a mere £ 1894.68…. you get free shipping though!


1. We think a team membership to local hotel and spa The Grove is looking good. With a walled outdoor pool and beach volleyball court it looks like a great perk. We’re working on the Directors as we speak… https://www.thegrove.co.uk/spa/membership/walled-garden-membership/

If you know of anything cooler than these, please let us know!

We all just want to be cool
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