With our recent website for Willey and Bunker Projects going live, we have been looking at the difference between ’snaps’, stock photography and professional photography, and how the latter can really elevate a project.

Bespoke photography taken with brand, values and vision in mind, creates a powerful impression and cannot be replicated elsewhere. Unlike stock photography, where you are constantly compromising on images and their relevance to your brand (and potentially sharing them with other users), or iPhones snaps (which aren’t lit well and may be mid job), taking your own imagery allows you to manage, control and choose the shots you want to include.

It also has other benefits. Our Senior Designer Ben joined the W&B Projects team for a day, visiting several project locations and setting up shots with the website specifically in mind. Projects like these provide us with a great opportunity us to spend quality time with our clients, gain a better understanding of the projects from start to finish, and truly learn the motives, challenges and moments of pride within the projects. W&B’s clients were pleased to be included on the website, as it shows that W&B Projects is proud of the work that that has been done for them.

Meeting our client’s clients often provides us with a different perspective on why they chose to work with that particular company. It’s great to hear honest and positive feedback about the project too, as it really brings it to life. In the case of W&B’s projects, we were able to highlight the scale of projects, mix of skills and the beautiful detail and craftsmanship of the work. This agency/client exposure gave us access to information about W&B Projects that had been understated or not recognised as a USP.

If you can’t afford to commission a photographer for a portfolio of bespoke images, mixing and matching some bespoke imagery with stock photography can still maximise the impact. So before you rule out commissioning a photographer, think about the personal, one-off results you will give prospective customers access to, and the additional experience, knowledge and contact with former clients that you will gain in the process. In such a busy world this can be more precious than you think.


Willey & Bunker Projects website goes live
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